Michele Rollen-Hanson
photographer, artist and creator

Share the world she experiences through the lens of her mind’s eye.

Photography has been a passion of Michele’s for the past decade.  With the discovery of photography, Michele was able to bring her practical nature to a creative medium merging the two desires.  She worked as a portrait and event photographer for eight years with various studios in Florida, Alabama and Indiana.  The biggest challenge and the most fun for Michele is bringing out the personality in those she photographs. Working for the University of Florida for the past eight years, Michele decided it was time to get serious about taking pictures again.  As the birth of her son helped to facilitate this desire, Michele intends to split her time between showing her son how to express his creativity and exploring her own creativity.

View her other blog at www.lifeasparents.com.

CONTACT:  rollenhanson@gmail.com
Gainesville, Florida